Scent Of The Breeze

Waking up while the sun is still trying to shine over the trees and smelling the morning’s breath.

Catching the gentle breeze when it is a cold winter or a cool spring day, I will always love the way it graces over my face and sends chills down my back.

When it is late at night and we hide out from the rest of the world and the winds catch the sweet smell of the pine trees and the lake.

After a rain fall, everything is still and grey.

The honey like scent of the world still being wet and somehow even though the rest of the world is grey, the trees always seem to be brighter than ever.

It is a comfort. It relaxes my soul.

All these smells remind me of you.

Pure and crisp.

The way your morning breath is something that I could never get tired of because it is never smelly and it makes me just want to kiss you. The same way your hands grace my face and your words can send chills down my back. The sweet smell of the pine trees and the lake will never mean anything else to me than “you“. How I can be having the worst day, week, or month; maybe I forgot to take my medication because I hate the way I need it or maybe I am a woman and my period has come. When my days are grey and still, you seem to make the little things just brighter than ever.

You are my comfort. You relax my soul.


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