Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve and you’re still asleep, I lay here awake just listening to you breathe.

Watching your body move in such a rhythmic motion; up and down, up and down.

God, you’re so beautiful.

Nothing can compare to the peace I feel and the peace you own.

I’ve always loved watching the people I adore sleep, they all hold this type of bliss and contentedness all while being completely vulnerable to the world still around them. And the act of sleeping together, no sex, but just sleep has this beauty that surrounds it..

i’ve never been
an easy sleeper

i toss
i turn
i walk
i talk

even at night
my mind
can’t sit

and for years
i’ve worried
that no one
would ever
to sleep
next to me
because i’m restless

i’ve been terrified
that i would spend
the rest
of my life
sleeping alone

but you
sleep like a
unmoved by my

i don’t fidget
as much
when i’m sleeping
beside you
because i don’t
have to try
to get
in your arms
i just

and heaven knows
we don’t get
much sleep
when we’re
but i swear
i’ve never
slept so
in my life



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