Winter Feelings

Snow Toward Evening

“Suddenly the sky turned gray,

The day,

Which had been but and chill,

Grew soft and still,


From some invisible blossoming tree

Millions of petals cool and white

Drifted and blew,

Lifted and flew,

Fell with the falling night.”

– Melville Cane

It’s starting to cool down, the winds are burning my face, but I couldn’t feel more alive. I love the smell of a fresh crisp air, it’s cleansing when you breathe in new and let out old. Isn’t it funny how everything is dying, but I feel so alive.

On days like these I get to lay around in your boxers, a t-shirt, and one of your cardigans. I am covered in in blankets and drinking coffee with two teaspoons of sugar and a splash of milk. I do miss your warmth and the smell of your skin, silly it’s only been 2 & half hours. My right hand looks beautiful with this ring on it.

I was suppose to be writing about winter feelings, whatever that means, but these are the thoughts and feelings that I threw up onto my laptop and it is winter so I guess that I am okay.



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