Holiday Sweaters! 

Those cute, quirky, and comfortable sweaters are back again for the season! One of my favorite things about Winter, but the mistake that I always make is forgetting I own them and only being able to wear them once before Christmas comes and goes and I can’t wear them after?! That would just be weird..

Above I picked some of the ones that I just feel in love with and maybe you will to!

The first sweater is this elk graphic sweater that kind of cuts higher in the front ($19.99) I love this because it really isn’t holiday themed and can be worn almost anytime after Thanksgiving and before New Years. With the high cut it can be worn with some high waist jeans, a skirt, or even layered over the top of a dress. And what makes this even better is that it comes in so many different colors, like so many d i f f e r e n t  colors.

The next sweater, well it’s really a crewneck but oh well, is this pink “oh holey night” crewneck ($14.99) and the graphic on this just caught my eye. Like this is cute and pink and has donuts, if this isn’t 2015 & 2016 wrapped together then I don’t know what it. To complete this outfit I would purchase it oversized and pair it with some black leggings or skinny jeans. This crewneck is from an Etsy shop and the creator as so many more cute tees and crewnecks that you should really check them out!

“Dear Santa…I did try” Okay, I know it is kind of a cliche sweater, but I kind of like it.. This can be bought here ($26.00) I do think it is a little expensive. Black and white are really my favorite colors when it comes to clothing because you can pair them with almost anything and it doesn’t hurt your brain. Something that I love about simple shirts and sweaters that just have sayings on them is that you can add a flannel or plaid shirt over the top and it will never look bad.

Of course I had to add something from Home Alone, would it really be the holidays without that classic? Now, I have always wanted one of these sweaters, I really and truly adore them.  The one I have in the photo isn’t being sold anymore, but I have found some other cute ones that you can still purchase; like here ($23.25) or here ($24.99) or maybe even here ($20.95). All these come in different styles and colors, so something I know to be true, everything looks good with a nice jean.




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