Chunky Sweaters 


The first day of Winter isn’t here until December 21, but December basically means it is Winter in my book. Winter is probably my second or third favorite season, depends on the day that you ask me, close tie between Winter and Spring. One of the best parts about this cold season is the clothing. Layers, boots, scarfs, and over sized and chunky sweaters. 

Chunky sweaters are a gift for those who are in love with being comfortable and yet very fashionable, especially if you can manage to find that one sweater that is color blocked in the most perfect way and has the right amount of length and not too heavy. Yes.

The first outfit starts with stripe turtleneck sweater ($37.99) that is so cute, especially with the different colored cuffs around the wrists. I paired this sweater with a pair of boyfriend jeans and some white platform sandals. I really adore the look of having cuffed jeans with long sleeved clothing and the sandals really give it a laid back beachy look, like its a cool day and the only thing you need to keep you warm is a cute sweater. And honestly, I feel like this type of sweater can be found at any thrift store. 

Outfit number two is a light brown sweater ($30) it is cut a little shorter then the sweater I mentioned before, but that is what makes this one perfect to wear over a dress. I have always loved the way this outfit looks, so effortless. I usually go with a plain circle dress like that black one and you can either wear some hose or not, depending on the weather. I really like the idea of a nice pop of color with the booties I have picked, really brings the whole outfit. 

My last outfit has to be my favorite chunky sweater out of the trio. This color block sweater ($34) is the definition of perfect. The same for this sweater, I feel like something similar can be found in a thrift shop, but I do have links to all the sweaters! The jeans that I paired with this sweater are a light wash high waist skinny, again cuffed. I boot would like good with this outfit, like a Chelsea boot, but I prefer the loafers so much more. 



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