Tweed Skirts


Tweed skirts are making a nice appearance this autumn season, I love how one can style them to be very business professional and with the change of a blouse and shoes the look can be very laid back and playful. Above I have, of course, three different look using the one staple piece, a tweed skirt.

The very top outfit, in my opinion, is the most professional and could be work around the office. I start with a mini dark red tweed skirt and added a semi busy white blouse. I feel like the additions to the blouse add more to the look and because of its business we are going to keep the accessories and shoes much more simpler. I took a dark red pump to match with the skirt, I did not add any stockings to the look, but of course it would be able to fit in so easily. Since the blouse has a lot around the wrists and neck I didn’t want to add jewelry because I thought it would be too much, instead I would accessorize with a small cross body bag.

Going clockwise, the next outfit it really the most laid back and can really be worn anywhere. Here I started with a black and white skater tweed skirt that is much more high waisted then the one before. Because of its high waist I decided to add a black crop top to it, another good look with this would be a chunky knit sweater with the front tucked into the skirt’s band. I did not want to add a whole pair of stockings, so instead I went with some knee high white sock. I am really into the whole sandal platforms with the socks, but you can always do a closed toe shoe or maybe a bootie. I like the simplicity of this outfit so I really didn’t add that many accessories.

The final outfit I have is very cozy and warm and can really be worn for business casual or just around town. Of course I started with this grey tweed skirt that has a beautiful black lining around it. To make it so cozy I decided to add a white chunky knit sweater that could either be tucked into the band or just left loose. I would wear a very simple black pump because the sweater is already a lot to the outfit. Since it such a thick sweater, I do not like wearing necklaces and things like that, instead I would roll up the sleeve and wear a nice watch and some rings on my fingers. I really wanted to keep it all simple so I would just carry a neutral colored clutch with this outfit.

There are three different outfits that you can put together with a tweed skirt!


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