The Grey T-Shirt


One of fashions great gifts has to be the t-shirt. So many things can come out of this one staple piece. Being comfortable and fashionable have to be one of my favorite pairs. Today, I will be showing three different outfits from the same plain grey t-shirt.

My first outfit is more casual, one that you could wear while in the park taking pictures of the trees around you. Now all three grey shirts are a high low style, but I promise that this will work with any t-shirt. I paired the high low shirt with some Indigo wash jeans and cream colored ankle boots. Very very simple and very very trendy.

The middle outfit is the most laid back of the three, the comfort levels are through the rood with this one. Again, I started with the grey shirt and added this nice and warm looking long cardigan. Cardigans are honestly so amazing, they can bring an outfit together with their styles and colors AND keep you warm and cozy. Of course when the days and cooler we have to break out our classic black leggings. I think the Toms really bring it all in, we don’t want another boot because this look is real relaxed and a sandal would be too open. A nice slip on shoe like Toms or Vans will work and so will just a pair of basic Keds.

My last outfit consists of danger and excitement. Of course we are starting with our basic grey shirt and adding a pair of dark blue high waist jeans. Now, what brings the excitement and danger is the bold Merlot colored moto jacket and black pumps. This outfit makes me want to jump on the back of someone’s motorcycle and let them take me away! I added some jewelry to bring the edginess down just a smidge and still show a feminine quality.

Those are my three different outfits that come from the same grey t-shirt foundation. You can always change the colors to everything or change the pieces themselves. Adding a nice circle skirt and some high tops will definitely make an outfit too!


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  1. I ❤️ this blog post! I too admire the versatility of a simple grey t-shirt. You paired it with so many different looks for so many different occasions. You must have a brilliant taste in fashion!


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