Sketching & Expression

I am in no way an artist, nor do I believe that I am creative…but I have heard otherwise by some people. This may sound like a lot of you and if it does I want to tell you you are more than your mind lets you believe. I cannot sing and I cannot dance, but I think I am artistic in another form. When I think of clothing I see more than just shirts and pants.

I have always wanted to be a fashion designer or a buyer for a high class clothing company. Below I have some sketches that I have done and they bring me joy;

When I first started trying to sketch they looked awful, I tried first with the naked body because I find them so beautiful and they ended up like a mess of lines and scribbles. I had my ex-girlfriend inform me that she could see the potential I had and urged me to keep trying. I couldn’t be more grateful for that little push and I want to help push those of you who feel that tiny bit of passion inside of you.

As annoying as it sounds practice really helps, yes, there are those who are just effortlessly talented (and we are all very jealous of you), but the rest of us will need to practice. And things will get very frustrating and annoying and you will want to throw everything away and catch it all on fire, but DON’T. Patience and push will help you.

I want to start showcasing people and their talents on my blog, so if you or someone you know has anything they would like to show off just email me: !!!

(I will not deny anyone’s talents)


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