Autumn Feelings


“Autumn killed the summer with the softest kiss.”

I believe that Autumn is the most beautiful of the seasons; it brings such vibrant colors, cool air kisses, sounds of leaves crunching under your feet, and new beginnings. When fall hits it makes all the trees let go of their only shade and comfort, they bare their all for our wondering wild eyes. Just as the trees let go, it is time for us to as well. Drop all that makes us too comfortable and begin to live. Adventures are calling and this is the time to take them, do not wait for January. October we get to dress as anything we want be different than ourselves, November brings traveling and the warmth loved ones, and December to celebrate and reflect this past year. While Autumn calls for freedom, it also brings us a comfort; warm sweaters and hot drinks, our families coming together to celebrate the year coming to an end. Lets let minds and souls become inspired by the colors changing around us. Paint a new scenery, bring more to your attire, paint your face in the colors that make you feel alive. 

How can anyone disagree that Autumn is the season of wonder and beauty?  


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