Drug Store Inspired Makeup


As we all know makeup can become very expensive, usually I will spend at least $30 getting the basics (foundation, powder, primer..). Again, makeup can become very expensive. So I thought I wold talk about some drug store products that I have found to work great and will help you keep more money in your account.

Lets start with primer of course, I am currently using the e.l.f. hydrating face primer and I love it. The price is around $6 and it really keeps your face really nice and soft under your makeup all day. I also use their e.l.f. HD powders and I use the color translucent, but it also comes in a corrective yellow. The powders run about $6 as well. Who doesn’t love e.l.f.? (also the brushes I have above are form e.l.f. too and only $12)

Next, the highlight and contouring palette I have here is from NYX and it is the first one that I have found that I like from a drug store. It is cream based so if you prefer the powder palettes more they do have some on their website. The one that I have used is their cream highlight and contour palette which is only $15, but they have so many more to choose from if the cream really throws you off.

Now for the windows to the soul…the eyes. The first palette I bought from Maybelline was their the nudes palette ($10) because the colors were just what I had been looking for and it was that costly so I bought it. I have been using it off and on especially when I am running late because I know what colors work with me and I can do them quickly. And if you are a person that if new to makeup, most of the products I am discussing have great directions on their packaging. After falling for their nude palette, I bought their blushed nudes ($10) because again the colors just really called to me and again I do love them.

Some more Maybelline, I have always used their great lash mascara (that comes in the pink and green packaging), but I have recently fallen for their lash sensational mascara ($10). The way the wand curves help to get closer to the roots of your eyelashes and really make them achieve that longer and fuller look.

Eyeliner, I have always bought Maybelline, but found that their liquid liners that are like markers would try out too fast and I would have to keep buying more. This last time I decided to take a chance and I bought the Hard Candy stroke of gorgeous felt tip eyeliner ($5). It glided over my eye so easily and did not put too much on my eye at one time, it was like an awaking.

Lastly, lips. I have tried so many different products and more have been misses than hits. A couple of really good ones that I have found are; the flower by drew lipsticks and glosses (sorry the website is kind of messy but only $7-$10!) and the ulta brand lip creams ($7-$13). The flower by drew is amazing, I have bought a couple of products from her already, they are inexpensive and the packaging is to die for. Did I mention that they DO NOT test on animals??? The Ulta brand makeup is too bad either, I love the lip creams that have and they come in the best colors in my opinion.

These were just a few of the products that I have used and found to be quite great and for a great price!



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