Simply Satin


What I love most about satin pieces is how comfortable and unforgivably sexy they are.

On one of my previous posts I discussed 90’s fashion and one of the things that I most adore that is coming back has to be satin apparel. You have probably seen on your Twitter timeline pictures of the pajama sets and honestly I would kill for a couple pairs of those. But today I will be discussing pieces that are worn more often out and about during the day.

The first look is just a simple satin crop top that I paired with a black maxi skirt and a pair of white Birkenstock. I get a really carefree feeling when I see this set, I really did add any accessories to the outfits because I feel that they exist so amazingly alone.

This next ensemble is a beautifully colored floral print dress that I matched with some silver pumps. Very much a fresh and youthful feeling I get from this. I could even see these as bridesmaids dresses for a nice outdoor Spring wedding.

The final and probably my favorite of the trio is this stunning prom dress from TopShop. Yes it is labeled under a prom dress, but I feel that the simplicity of it, this dress can most defiantly work for a night out and no one would know. What really brings this sexy dress together are the feather stiletto heels. These babies are to die for. Here’s a link to some very cute and not so expensive ones. Did I mention the colors they come in??

Back to the main point. Satin dresses are a must for this fall season. Effortless and sexy?Who could say no to that.



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