Chelsea Boots


This past weekend I was in Dallas shopping around and I promise you that I saw this bootie in every store I walked into. Chelsea boots are a really big trend for this Autumn weather.

I put together some extremely simple outfits that can go with these cute little boots. The first outfit is a really cute and girly one, I took a floral mini skirt and put underneath a maroon jumper and paired it with a pair of tan Chelsea boots. Because the jumper is so chunky I would not try to accessorize with any necklaces, so I went with a pair of nice statement earrings.

The middle outfit I have put together, I feel, is a little more laid back. Because the color of these boots were so bold, I decided to use a light striped sweater over a pair of medium wash jeans. The piece that brought it all together and made it just so much more; these red boots. With the simplicity of just the striped shirt and a pair of jeans, we made something a little bolder with the boots.

I think that the last outfit is my favorite, the edgier look is honestly effortless and so easy. Of course we started with our black Chelsea booties and from there I added black wash jeans and a plain jane white button up blouse. Now, just those three things together you have a edgy yet totally laid back look, but I wanted to add a little color. I found this nice burnt sienna colored scarf and a nice leather jacket to really bring the edge.

Using different colors of basically the same bootie there are now three very different outfits; starting from girly to edgy.

(I have left links for the three different booties at three very different stores with prices varying from $30-$150)



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